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My Courts is designed to be an inexpensive, web enabled solution for your Club's reservations, bookings or scheduling requirements. Whether you are managing a large complex, multiple locations or just your local social Tennis Club, MyCourts is the solution for you.

MyCourts gives you the ability to effectively manage your Club's major letting assets whilst providing your members and clients with instant advice on availability and confirmation on rental availability, hiring charges or bookings. Making a reservation is as simple as three mouse clicks away. Tennis court scheduling software cannot get easier than this.

It's POS capabilities give you accurate billing and charges for bookings as well as other items or services you charge for. It's management reporting features mean that you are quickly able to manage and supervise all facets of sales and hire accounting.

Allow your members to view facility availability on the web as well as make on-line bookings themselves. Reserve a place at the after-play dining rooms is also a simple matter to record. Why not book your favourite table while booking your game.

Have a look at the screenshots or better yet - just download MyCourts and test it out for yourself. It's obligation-free to test out for 30 days.

MyCourts runs on Windows 10 and Windows 11 64 bit machines. MyCourts will not run on other systems.