MyCourts is licenced for use by one Club but on any machine. This allows for easy movement from one computer to another. You can also share the database to enable usage at two or more computer stations within the same complex. Your licence is however limited to the use of one database only per licence (please see below).

NOTE: Your licence will be in the name of your Club and will be displayed on your web site and in correspondence generated by MyCourts. Please enter the name of your Club in the section of the registration/licence form under "Company Name".

There are no monthly on-going fees for MyCourts On-Line web service either from us or a web hosting provider. Your web server is included in the MyCourts package and is configured within MyCourts Administrator. There are no unnecessary web design or consultants fees - complete setup is included within your subscription.

The cost of MyCourts is based on a Subscription model which ensures you are always running the latest optimized version of the software as well as web service. You can cancel at any time.

The following subscriptions levels are available. All levels have the same functionality, only the number of facilities that can be managed vary between subscription levels.
* Note: All prices are in USD$ . Payment is required quarterly in advance.

Subscription Level Description Price Purchase
MyCourts Standard

Manage up to a maximum of 9 courts/facilities.

$11.95 per month
$225.00 Establishment

MyCourts Standard Plus

Manage up to a maximum of 19 courts/facilities.

$ 19.95 per month
$275.00 Establishment

MyCourts Enterprise

Manage up to a maximum of 29 courts/facilities.

$ 24.95 per month
$350 Establishment

Please note: When completing the purchase form please use your Club's Name for the licence to be issued to. This will ensure that no matter who in your Club uses the program either now or in the future, registration will not be a problem.

The following extra's, upgrades and service extensions are available.

Item Description Price Purchase

Online Configuration/Setup Support

We are able to log-on to your PC remotely to assist with Setup or Configuration if needed.

Each unit purchased entitles you to 1 hour online support and can be used in one or multiple sessions.

Please contact us prior to purchase so we can test our link with you.

$ 65.00

Refund Policy

MyCourts is available for download and runs for 30 days from first use without having to purchase a licence. We also freely extend this trial period when requested to enable you to make sure that it works to your requirements. Accordingly, requests for refunds on the basis that the program does not work or meet your requirements will not be entertained.

Licence Restrictions

Each licence for MyCourts entitles you to use one database. This means that if you use MyCourts to manage facilities at different locations, you must either use the same identical database at each of those locations OR you must purchase a separate licence (and hence database) for use at each of those locations. You may use as many copies of MyCourts as you wish within a location however they must all share the same identical database. A location can be defined as one sporting complex, building or similarly defined location.